John Francescon

Fun, flexible, and efficient coach. Ryan helped me knock almost 30 minutes off my 2.4 mile swim time in just ten weeks!

Alexis Neri

I have done multiple one on one sessions with Coach Ryan and they were extremely helpful! I felt like a faster and more efficient swimmer [after] a month.

Aaron O’Rourke

[His] coaching works…I’m swimming faster and further than I’ve ever been able to and running faster and farther than ever and biking has gotten easier. I’m in better shape now when I’m pushing 40 than I was in my twenties.

David Millikin

David and Coach Ryan, shortly after David completed his first triathlon!

I can now confidently swim a continuous mile, AND I crushed my first triathlon!

Ashutosh Shukla

My Son takes swim lessons from coach Ryan in both group and private settings. He is a great coach who makes the lessons fun. He adapts his lessons even in group settings to the level of his students so it suits all children even if they are on very different levels. His attention to details…

Parthi Thangaraju

Ryan is a great coach. He made my 8 year old make it to the swim team. His attention to details and commitment to bring the best in others is absolutely fabulous.

Bill Helmling

I feel more confident than ever that I can go the distance!!

Don Morris

I’m in my mid 60’s and have been swimming for a lot of years. Competed in sprint Tri’s in my 30’s. I swim now to stay in shape. Always felt my stroke could use some improvement but never did anything about it. Ran into Ryan during a morning swim and liked what he had to…

Alexander V. Johnson

Ryan has been an awesome coach as I, a 30 year old with limited swimming experience, ramp up into a long race. I have already improved all facets of technique, breathing, capacity, and knowledge about swimming. I am making strides I definitely wouldn’t have made on my own. I am excited to see how much…