Carly Dendinger

The journey with Coach Ryan started in the Autumn of 2021. Covid had put a stop to consistent swim lessons for the better part of two years. Abby (9) and Carter (11) had been swimming taking lessons at a franchised swim instruction facility. The lack of tailored instruction hindered any significant progress. We started semi private lessons with Ryan and immediately saw a difference. Abby and Carter learn very differently, Ryan noticed the difference in how they comprehended instructions. He took the time to learn the best ways to communicate with each girl. As a result, both girls have flourished. They learned more in the first three months with Ryan than they had in years at the other swim school.

Swim Team Goals

My oldest, Carter, had a goal of making our local swim team. It was a lofty goal, she only knew the basics of freestyle and had limited endurance. We enrolled her in Ryan’s 2x a week 1-hour intensive course for swimmers with aspirations of being on a team or refining their existing skills. She was intimidated at first, but each week her confidence grew. Every Tuesday and Saturday, she showed up and she worked hard for those 60 minutes. On the skills she had trouble with, often Ryan would go at it from several angles for her to grasp the concept. He was consistently a coach who cared, and she was a kid who was determined to learn.


At tryouts, Carter entered the pool with determination. She swam a 25m freestyle and 25m backstroke. The evaluator told her she had a great backstroke. She came out of the pool pumping her fist in the air. Afterwards she said, “I put in the hard work and it paid off. We need to thank Coach Ryan.”

The key to success has been Ryan’s approach to understanding how to unlock the potential in his athletes. Carter now loves being in the pool, after a swim her anxiety levels are noticeably lower. Abby has gained strength and wants to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

Ryan is a great coach, we cannot recommend him enough.