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I started RCT Athletics to share my love of endurance sports with other athletes. Read on to learn a more about me, my background, and what I do as a coach.

About Me

My name is Ryan Taylor. After swimming competitively for 13 years, I began my coaching career to share those experiences with the next generation of swimmers. I was looking for new athletic challenges for myself around this time as well, so I took up running and then triathlon.


My coaching experience ranges from age group swimmers to aspiring NCAA qualifiers. If you or your child is purely focused on competitive swimming, I specialize in improving stroke technique and as well as both mental and physical competition skills. In triathlon, I can help you take what many triathletes view as the hardest part of their race and turn it into an advantage.

Running & Triathlon

While my first athletic love will always be swimming, I began to broaden my horizons in 2016 with my first individual triathlon. Applying the knowledge of training cycles, energy systems, and physiology gained from a lifetime of swimming, I started running more seriously as well.

I ran in my first half marathon in Meadville, PA in 2017. It was the longest distance I had ever run to that point, and while challenging, I knew I was hooked. I completed the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2019, which was also the year I first joined USA Triathlon. In 2021, I was proud to be invited to USA Triathlon’s Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee, WI!

RCT Athletics

I finally made the decision to follow my passion as a career in late 2021, and RCT Athletics was born. I plan to continue pushing both myself and others to the highest levels of athletic achievement in the coming seasons!

Let’s get started!

What I Do

  • Create training plans for running and triathlon
  • Teach competitive swimming skills
  • Analyze and improve your swimming stroke and running form
  • Assist with strength training, a frequently under-appreciated element of endurance athletics
  • Give tips about nutrition and race refueling
  • Incorporate training biometrics
  • Help athletes understand the meaning and purpose behind each workout, activity, and statistic
  • And more!

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