I’ve always referred to swimming as “the ultimate full-body sport”. It uses every muscle group, with an emphasis on balance and efficiency in the water.

Often considered one of the most difficult sports to master, swimming is a rewarding discipline with many types of competition. After 16 combined years of coaching and competition, I’ve seen it all. I can help you succeed in this challenging arena too!

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Competitive Swimming

Every parent with a child in sports knows that it can be challenging to get real, one-on-one attention from a coach – especially when there’s dozens of other kids in the pool.

When your child is ready to take swimming more seriously, with a focus on competition, one-size-fits-all coaching isn’t going to make the cut. I work with swimmers individually or in small groups on everything from their strokes, starts, and turns to meet preparation, mental toughness, and race strategy.

Contact me and we can work out what’s best for your schedule and location.


I will teach you or your child how to swim, from simple water safety skills up to the basics of the sport with an eye on future competition. Over the course of my coaching career, I have worked with: children as young as five years old, adults who had never learned how to swim, and even an aspiring officer who wanted to be prepared for the aquatic test at the police academy.

Swimming is a valuable life skill, for both having fun and staying safe. I’m a firm believer than anyone can learn to swim, at any age! Even if you aren’t looking towards future competition, it’s important to know how to handle oneself in and around the water.

Currently, I offer this type of basic swim lessons in conjunction with Metro Fitness in Dublin. Contact me for instructions on how to get set up!

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