Triathlon Coaching

One of the greatest challenges in endurance sports, triathlon requires proficiency in three disciplines (swim/bike/run), along with the ability to quickly switch between them. The investment in time and equipment is greater as well. Triathlon coaching from RCT Athletics can help you perform your best!

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RCT Athletics’ universal and custom training plans utilize TrainingPeaks to schedule workouts, review completed activities, and optionally to log metrics like nutrition, weight, and sleep. To get the most out of your triathlon training plan, I recommend signing up for a TrainingPeaks account. There is a free tier option, and the service can sync with just about any training device.

Ready to get started?

Training for these races is rigorous in both time and effort, and I recommend starting your training at least a couple of months before your race. This will give you time to properly complete training cycles.

Send me a message to setup a consultation. This will discuss your goals and whether triathlon coaching from RCT Athletics is right for you!