Workout Libraries

$7.50 / month

Coach Ryan offers workout libraries for individual sports, which you can subscribe to on a sport-by-sport basis. Each library has a variety of workouts for that sport, and more will be added each month!


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Are you the type of athlete who feels they have a good handle on how to structure their training? Do you have a strong understanding of one multisport discipline, but struggle to come up with workouts for another? Maybe you just don’t need or don’t want a hands-on coaching experience! Build your own calendar or augment an existing training plan using coach-written, sport-specific workout libraries!

Put them on your TrainingPeaks calendar

Pay only for the sports you need help with. Just got an indoor bike trainer? Get some workouts to do on it. Perhaps you are a good runner with a cross country background, but aren’t sure how to structure a swimming workout.

Workout libraries are accessed and updated through TrainingPeaks. You will need a free TrainingPeaks account.

Questions? Contact me!

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Swim, Bike, Run, Strength